Shannon Woode

Where the Worlds Meet
As I painted and wrote through the series Listen to the Land...the journey took me to the edge of our shorelines.  

Where the worlds meet.  The outer reach where it ended and met face to face with other worlds never before realized. And certainly not understood from a cultural point of view.  These shores stretched in either direction offering endless possibility.

Where The Worlds Meet was a series that confronted and invited as I painted on... 
The Path That Takes You
 18x20 canvas sold, Art Crawl 2012
Offerings and Gestures
original 12x12 canvas sold
Available in giclee reproduction in any size

These Shores that Run Forever
sold Artcrawl 2012
Standing at the Edge of Sacred
           sold, available in Giclee

Towering columns lift you high
Above the density
Of a world that sustains
And suffocates you
Grows you rich foliage
From strong roots and solid footings
Nourishes you to the tip  
Abides your seasons as you tarry and grow
And gives you perches
To find your own 
Point of view

I was waiting on this shore
When the light bent into shapes
And placed me gently over the whole land
Spilling me from the heavens into 
all its reflections

When you pull your waters high over your head
I am blinded by the reflection 
The image of my world 
That beholds the truths I know
And keeps me from seeing you
I will wait for your timing
When the moon rolls back
And the mists rise to soften the glare of the sun
When you offer me a new place to walk with you
A place to join our worlds together.

At the bottom of this cliff
I harbour the safest place
For you to rest
To warm on the sand
Where the wind cannot whip your skin
Or pitch you against my unyielding walls.
Wait there until the calm returns
And beckons you again into the open sea.
I know you will go
Your longing is greater than any storm that could threaten.
But come in for now 
And sleep.

There am I :
Where two or three are gathered
In their midst
The breath of life dwells

There Am I
24x24, sold
I Am More
12x24 Canvas, sold
Then, Said the Earth to the Ocean

You may not realize it
But I am more than the shore
Receiving your spray
That waters the life
That grows within my world.

I am more than the cliffs
That tower high
And make you rage in volumes
When I stand fast against your power
Or crumble into your storm.

I am also there in your deepest fathoms
Holding you up from the bottom
Cradling the beginnings of life that team through you
And holding sure anchorages 
Over which you have freedom to flow.

Gathering at the Shore, 24x24, sold
Come with Me to the Beginning, 24x24 sold
I Have Seen Invisible Reflections, 24x24 sold
Hovering Spirits, 24x24, sold
The Gathering, 12x12, sold
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