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My art is an invitation to participate in the conversation of reconciliation. A conversation that reconsiders our relationship with ourselves, with the land and the history of colonization. The unfolding of my art series are understandings that occurred over the last decade.  They are described in sequence on my page called "The Conversation".  

We are in a time of exponential change.  I believe the First Nations are the teachers of this time. The traditions and spirit of our ways have been lost to the crowded mind and affluence of the modern western world.  In the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission there is healing and strength being offered to us all. Healing not only for our nation that can begin to align now to the truth of its foundation and identity, but also healing for our personal lives and relationships, here on this land we share.  

What is it that we care about?  That brings us into a circle with an open heart, a curious mind and our creative flow?  How do we own and participate in the restoration and re-creation of a world we all can share and care for together?  These are the questions offered through my art.

Celebrating with you,

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 Artists of BC, 4th Edition
Collection of BC Artists,

Shannon Woode, Gibsons, British Columbia

"See - the Vision"
sold, available in Limited Edition

 Hallowed Morn  30x36

Other pieces in series:
Spirits that Remain, sold
Eternal Spirits, sold
Winter Spirits, available
"Awakening Night" 
"Feel - the Heart of the Mother"
​sold, available in Limited Edition

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